Every business has a story. It's our business to tell it.


To create targeted content you need to think like a journalist. Unravel the story, capture the essence and hook your audience with compelling insight and sharp incisive writing to reach more customers. Copy Inc. creates targeted words that work across all platforms from creative digital content, print and editorial, PR and social media.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Anyone can put words on a page. But to create a level of magic with driving fresh and original content, you need imagination, skill and experience to reach your target audience. It’s called brand storytelling. So it makes sense to think about meaningful content right from the start — and who writes it. It’s all about building a content strategy with your customer at the core. Without valuable and insightful content, your business is really missing out. At Copy Inc. we help you inform, entertain and compel because we work out your content niche, then convey it.

Targeted Content

Every day more than 27 million pieces of content are shared on the Web. These statistics speak volumes. With the world of content marketing here to stay, it has revolutionised what it means to showcase your business to the world. Capturing audiences today requires far more than strong copy.  For businesses to thrive, poor quality content is now replaced with something of intrinsic value for customers: high-quality content that’s both relevant and personalised. Great content is not just for big business either. Start-ups can get it right from the word go.


Content marketing and the creative thinking behind the words is a honed craft. A specialist skill used to engage an audience, enhance brands, develop trust and authenticity and grow businesses. Investing in compelling content with the right words telling the right story makes you stand out from all your competitors. Get it right and you get powerful results.


New media is evolving fast and the constant stream of new portable platforms is generating an escalating demand for engaging content. People read differently online, scanning pages quickly. Mobile websites and responsive web design mean content has to be more versatile than ever and mindful of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Poor content loses traffic. Less clicks and you miss out on new and existing customers. So businesses need be content-savvy.


By driving consumers to your website, your business has greater opportunity to grow. So imagine if your customers looked forward to receiving your marketing on whatever platform via email, website, print, social media or a mobile – and they actually spent time reading and thinking about it. Good content makes a person stop, read, think and behave differently.

Reality check

Three-quarters of customers rely on social media to influence their buying decisions. Eight in ten people are also influenced by their friends’ posts – and what are half the population doing every day for half an hour? Checking Facebook. That’s an awful lot of traffic and potential customers. So think again if you’re not a Facebook devotee. Over 90% of social media users say they follow businesses on Twitter to get discounts and promotions. More than half of these users follow companies or brands on social networks, so it makes sense to tweet.

Over 80% of smartphone users search the Internet, around one in three search for branded websites. Nine out of ten mobile searches lead to action and more than half lead to sales. What’s the most profitable marketing tool for businesses today? The E-newsletter. Email marketing, proves time and time again to be one of the most effective avenues in digital marketing. So depending on your business needs, sending out a regular one can reap untold benefits.

SEO & Google

With 97% of all consumers searching for local businesses online, what does your website say about you? Google reads words – not images, so every word counts. With consumers reading more content than ever, before making a buying decision, compelling SEO driven copy increases traffic to your website. Updating content regularly in a news section or blog also means Google visits your site more often. Businesses with an active blog generate 67% more leads per month. So get blogging.

Time and speed

50% of us leave a webpage within eight seconds. That’s not very long to make an impression. On average eight out of ten people read a headline, but only two of them read the rest.

You want to hook your audience → so they read on.


COPY Inc. Process

Strategy and planning

Our strategic approach starts with gaining a deep-rooted understanding of your business, and what drives your customers. By building on these invaluable insights, we can deliver creative communications that get the right results. We also like a bit of stealth. So knowing what your competitors are up to helps create meaningful content that sets you apart.

Crafting content

Creating compelling and meaningful content gets your business noticed. We finely tune those words to tell your story and convey the right message. Then we create the most valuable content to enhance your brand. Because creative content engages your customers and that keeps the search engines interested.

Tone of Voice

Good design only goes so far. A brand that looks good but doesn’t communicate properly is only half way there. Design and visual identity alone doesn’t convince, persuade, sell or inform – it’s words that do that. The right words convince customers to buy into your business. A brand’s tone of voice, if you get it right, connects your business with people.


  • PR

The Process


Tell us what you think you need and we help you to look at the bigger picture. We devise an initial strategy that works around you and any other creative or technical teams involved with your content. We set out a clear vision of what your business needs to reach your audience.


Because we do things differently, we tease out the information, constantly looking at the heart of the story, scrutinising the nuances to deliver original content. It’s essential to gain an in-depth understanding about your business, your ambitions. We’ll get to know exactly what makes you tick – and your customers. With this level of insight, we can start communicating effectively with your audience.


With tone of voice honed, armed with all the information, the writing and crafting process begins. We draft a copy of content and you give us your feedback, so we can make any further tweaks and final edits.


Journalist and feature writer Sarah Sims launched Copy Inc. after years working in the national media. She creates carefully crafted copy and meaningful targeted content on any subject, across all industry sectors and platforms to help businesses communicate effectively with their customers. She works for organisations nationwide and for local business on the Isle of Wight to strengthen their brand positioning in the marketplace.

Sarah Sims, Copy Inc.

Selected Clients

  • Lynch Architects
  • OLAB Studio
  • Bate Brand Communications
  • Adapt Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Netguides
  • Indy Industrial Design
  • Sheila Lucas Property Management & Relocation
  • Better Ferry Campaign
  • HDS dentists
  • West Wight Alpacas
  • Jason Swain photography
  • Blue (by the sea)
  • My Isle of Wight
  • James Lord Design

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